Our mission is to improve the quality of life and
increase cancer patients' survival using
cutting-edge technological innovations to
identify the optimal treatment for each patient.

CanCertain utilises advanced 3D cell culture techniques to recommend personalised cancer treatments, improving patient quality of life and efficacy in eliminating cancer cells. With a turnaround time of just 8 working days*, the CanCertain personalised plan helps the patient begin the most effective cancer treatment quickly, thus increasing the chances of early recovery.

Despite the development of newer targeted therapies, most cancer patients receive a ‘one-size fits all’ treatment plan. This is because of a systematic constraint in cancer treatment selection – multiple (often sequential) biomarker testing protocols, time-delays, etc. Patients subsequently suffer significant anxiety due to the uncertainty of the effectiveness of their treatment.

CanCertain helps focus the current approach by testing standard chemotherapies, targeted therapies and immunotherapies, allowing the patient to receive the most effective treatment first time.

Our vision is for every cancer patients’ treatment to be guided by our specialised clinical test and personalised treatment plan. We are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and validated results to inform treatment decisions for people with cancer.

CanCertain is with you every step of
the way in your fight with cancer.

*8 working days turnaround time is subject to any unforeseen delays in receiving the biopsy sample.

Our History

CanCertain Ltd was established in the UK by like-minded clinicians passionate about advancing innovative 3D cell culture techniques to identify the most effective treatment for each cancer patient.

In 2021, Clyz Labs Ltd rebranded to CanCertain Ltd. Our mission remains the same and continues to drive our long-term commitment to deliver personalised cancer treatment plans to people throughout the world.

Clinical Studies

Interim results from clinical trials undertaken at three NHS hospitals show CanCertain tests can significantly improve treatment response rates in lung cancer patients (from 55% to 90%) – the clinical trial is ongoing and currently unpublished.

Our Team

Leadership and Operations

Dr Himanshu Kataria MBBS, MBA

CEO & Founder

NHS Clinician with extensive experience in setup and delivery of clinical research trials.Has held a number of successful entrepreneurial roles. Passionate about oncology and leveraging clinical evidence.

Dharmesh Mehta BA

Business Development Director

Experienced in international trade / product development, having negotiated licence and distribution rights for patented health supplements in the GCC. Previously supported early-stage start-ups and commercialisation of products.

Meghan Harrison MSc

Laboratory Manager

BSc in Biomedical Science, with MSc in Cell and Tissue Engineering from European Centre of Excellence for Tissue.


Dr David Whitcombe

Non-Executive Director

Venture Partner with Catapult’s GM&C Life Sciences Fund and a well-respected consultant and non-executive director/chairman. Co-founded DxS Diagnostics in 2000 to exploit a personalised medicine technology that he had invented while with AstraZeneca Diagnostics.

Dr Dorai Ramanathan

Consultant Oncologist & Investor

UK Specialist Oncologist with >10 years NHS experience across multiple cancer areas, including lung and breast cancer. Angel investor in UK start-ups. Currently based in Dubai.

Rupert Lewis

Consultant Adviser

Founder of Oyster Venture Partners focused on enabling life science companies to achieve their mission by providing corporate finance, CFO advisory and networking services.

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Consultant Adviser & Pharmacologist

David Weatherall Chair in Medicine at the University of Liverpool. Consultant NHS Physician, NHS Chair of Pharmacogenetics in the UK, and Director of the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine.Chair of the Commission on Human Medicines & a non-executive director of NHS England.

Dr Olivier Pardo

Consultant Adviser & Cancer Biologist

PhD in Molecular Biology and Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London.Course Director for the MRes Cancer Biology. Multiple publications on lung cancer biology.

Professor Simon Jackson

Consultant Advisor & Immunologist

Lead for Biomedical Research at the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, UK editor for Innate Immunity, Multiple publications on immunology and 3D cell cultures.

Dr Violaine See

Consultant Adviser & Cell Imaging Expert

Senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool,Doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. Co-Director of the Centre for Cell Imaging. Multiple publications involving cell imaging.


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