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Cancer treatments are complex and side effects can affect your quality of life. Standard treatment pathways may not identify the most effective treatment first time thus increasing the number of rounds of different drugs (with their potential side effects) that you need.

It’s important that the most effective treatment is chosen for you quickly. Our CanCertain tests identify the best personalised treatment plan for your individual diagnosis – the most effective drug for you and your tumour first time.

CanCertain identifies drugs that would suit you personally based on immunity and drug resistance, helping to safeguard your immune system and giving you the best chance in your fight against cancer.

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CanCertain Ltd utilises advanced 3D cell culture techniques to recommend personalised cancer treatments, improving efficacy and the patient’s quality of life.

With a turnaround time of just 8 working days, CanCertain identifies the most effective cancer treatment quickly this increasing the chance of early recovery.

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