Cancer is a disease characterised by both a patient’s genetic makeup and that of the cancer cells within their tumour. Cancer is a dynamic disease, and as the disease progresses, cancers generally become more heterogeneous. As a result of this heterogeneity, the tumour can include collections of cells with distinct molecular signatures and differential levels of sensitivity to treatment.

Though the identification of predictive biomarkers and genetic signatures in the patient population can greatly facilitate decisions about cancer treatments, we must also consider the implications of patient and tumour heterogeneity.

CanCertain is the solution to finding the most effective systemic treatment for every person diagnosed with a solid cancer tumour.

Are you an oncologist looking to identify optimal cancer treatment options for your patient?
CanCertain tests help you choose the optimal chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted therapy for your patient first time.
CanCertain is a 3D cell culture-based personalised test that identifies the optimal systemic therapy for a patient with a solid tumour.

Why 3D cell cultures?

2D cell cultures are still used in most cell research today. However, as 2D cell cultures only exist in two dimensions, they are not an accurate representation of human tissue. They can’t mimic cell growth or interaction in the body or how changes occur through injury or disease.

Our 3D cell culture-based system combined with our innovative technology mimics tissue-like structures more effectively than the monolayer 2D cultures. 3D cell cultures are more physiologically relevant, showing a higher degree of structural complexity and interaction between different cells. Scientists at CanCertain have developed a 3D cell culture-based system that will redefine the future of cancer treatment. CanCertain test results can guide treatment decisions, so the patient receives the most effective systemic cancer therapy every time.

How do our CanCertain tests work?

CanCertain is suitable for any patient diagnosed with a solid cancer tumour at any stage of the disease.

Cells from samples (biopsies and tissues from surgery) from your patient’s tumour are tested within our 3D cell culture system for sensitivity to a range of chemotherapy/immunotherapy and targeted therapy drugs.

The CanCertain tests show the level of effectiveness of each therapeutic against the cancer cells. The CanCertain test results also determine your patient’s immunity and drug resistance, which helps us understand how the tumour will react to a particular drug and whether some cells will be more sensitive than others.

The CanCertain tests remove the need for a one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatment. The results enable us to recommend a personalised treatment plan for your patient based on drug sensitivity, immunity and drug resistance.

Our current clinical trials have shown that patients benefit most when they take our full panel blood and tissuetests before starting their first drug treatment.

CanCertain removes the uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness of the therapy, reduces the need for multiple rounds of different drugs, helps safeguard a patient’s immune system, reduces debilitating side effects and improves theirquality of life.

Clinical Studies

Interim results from clinical trials undertaken at three NHS hospitals (>75 patients) show CanCertain tests can significantly improve treatment response rates in lung cancer patients.

Compared to the standard clinical pathway treatment response rate of 55%, patients who have had CanCertain tests to determine optimal therapy show a response rate of 90%- the clinical trial is ongoing and currently unpublished.

Graphic: CanCertain improves treatment response rates in lung cancer patients from 55% to 90% compared to the standard clinical pathway.

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How long does it take?

Turnaround time of just 8 working days

Fresh blood/tissue samples are collected from the solid tumour, either from biopsy or patient surgery.

The samples are sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory in the UK. Our CanCertain tests identify which chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted therapy drugs are most effective for the patient.

We email the test results 8 days after receiving the samples at our laboratory. The results include a personalised treatment plan.


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