Early Stage Biotechnology Company CLYZ Labs appoints Sapphire Capital Partners as Capital Advisors

CLYZ Labs appoints Sapphire Capital Partners as Capital Advisors for HMRC Advanced Assurance for SEIS/EIS Scheme(s).

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are government initiatives offering some of the most attractive tax breaks available in the UK. For the investor, it’s a tax efficient way to invest in small companies.

The EIS is aimed at the wealthier, sophisticated investors. People can invest up to £1,000,000 in any tax year and receive 30% tax relief. However, they are locked into the scheme for a minimum of three years. EIS seeks to encourage investment into unlisted companies.

“Clyz Labs is committed to create a significant shareholder value; and being able to qualify for the government initiatives – The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)- is an additional bonus for investors to back the Clyz Mission to accelerate the development of new and existing therapies for the Cancer patients in UK and worldwide. We welcome the expertise of Sapphire Capital Partners, and look forward to long-lasting business relationship.” said Dr Himanshu Kataria – the founder & CEO of CLYZ labs.

Boyd Carson, Partner at Sapphire Capital Partners LLP added “We are glad to be able to support the Clyz Labs in preparation of its HMRC Advance Assurance. We wish Clyz Labs every success in their mission to improve the health of cancer patients.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Zalak.Kataria@cancertain.com if you need any further information.

CLYZ Labs is an early stage biotechnology company based in United kingdom. Its mission is to collaboratively leverage existing cutting-edge technological innovations to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients by our work in clinical and pre-clinical stages of cancer therapies. Clyz Labs vision is to provide every cancer patient with our specialised diagnostic test to Personalised Therapy leading to improved quality of life and overall survival backed by reliable clinical trials. Clyz labs is committed to provide accurate, reliable, validated laboratory results to guide the Personalised Therapy for the Cancer patient.

Sapphire Capital Partners LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It specialises in tax efficient schemes (such as SEIS, EIS, VCT & SITR) to grow companies and investment funds. It assist clients in achieving SEIS, EIS and SITR HMRC advance assurance, raise funds and act as an FCA approved investment manager to SEIS, EIS & SITR funds as well as Alternative Investment Funds.

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